High Load Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings
High Load Capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings Bearings for Screw Compressors Bearings for Pumps & Compressors Applications   Supplier, Distributor, Supply, Supplies | Lotus City Bearings (M) Sdn Bhd

A high load capacity bearing for screw compressors that adopts a superiorly chemical-resistant linear polyphenylene sulphide (L-PPS) plastic cage.


  1. This bearing adopts an L-PPS plastic cage that features heat-resistant properties in addition to a cage strength that remains unaffected even when exposed to chemicals including compressor oil, refrigerants, or ammonia gas.
  2. Internal geometry of the bearing has been optimally designed to provide increased load carrying capacity.
  3. The roller guided cage design facilitates improved lubrication of the bearing interior.


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